The Translation- How To Get Selita Ebanks' Feather Look

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After seeing Kanye's Runway video, I'm sure you you have feather fever. Here is how you can take the old pair of black pumps in your closest and make an original and stylish look:

1) Find your products. Find a pair of old black pumps in the back of your closet that you are no longer in your shoe rotation. Find desired feathers at a craft store and purchase a glue gun if you don't already have one.

2) Distress the back of your black pump so that it would be easy to adhere the feathers.

3) Prepare the feathers. Find your desired length and direction you want your feathers to be. Cut your feathers and place them in order on your workspace.

4) Begin to glue your feathers to the back of your pump. Place the glue on each feather individually and not the pump itself. Be sure that the area you place the feathers is distressed.

5) Allow your pumps to sit and dry for at least 8 hours before wearing them. And enjoy!


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