Cut And Stitch

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I guess Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been on everyone's minds lately. These are shots by French Vogue and Vogue Magazines illustrating the lucrative plastic surgery industry. Its odd that a fashion magazine would even bring up the subject, because they promote unhealthy body images among thousands of young women. Growing up, I loved everything plastic- Lil' Kim and Pamela Anderson were on the tops of my 'I Wanna Be Like That' list. But as I got older I began to appreciate everything naturally beautiful. Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and Allure, all say that they target women 18-34, but I started reading those publications at about 10 years old, and I didn't realize it was fake until around 17. In a lot of conversations I have with people my own age, I'm still baffled that they believe fashion and music celebrities' personas are actually real. Do they really believe GaGa walked around dressed in meat in her regular life?... they actually do. And you probably never took much time to look behind the masks and see the branding, marketing, PR behind her and other models. How can some of these girls actually be 17 for 5 years? Its all about illusions and fantasies, and that is why people are drawn to fashion. And I think a business dedicated to fantasies and illusions are great, but the affects of it being targeted to young women are just horrible. The grosses part is that most magazine editors are 40+...playing dress up with little girls and dressing them like grown women. I guess shots like this are the only options these magazines have at discussing the problems they create.

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