The $10 Pedicure!

What Do You Think?: 
The PedEgg, 2 for $10
Carol's daughter Sage and Shea Foot Butter $10
Bliss Spa Smoothing Socks $10
Burts Bees Coconut Foot Cream $10

The wintertime is the BEST time to take care of your feet. No need to scramble in May to get your toes together when there are quick and easy steps to prep year round. Its a quick and simple method to soft and smooth feet.
  • Use the PedEgg Once a Week on your heels and calluses
  • Wash feet as usual
  • Use Carol's Daughter Sage and Shea Butter on feet at night (BEST!)
  • Sleep with Bliss Spa's Smoothing Socks on your feet
  • Wake up and refresh feet with Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream
All of the products above are $10! That beats a $25 NYC pedicure!

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  1. Carol's daughter Sage and Shea Foot Butter - This product has a strong medicine smell and is oily. However, the smell is not lasting and my skin needs the oil. I recommend this product for very dry skin.