Best NYC Spa for All Skin Types

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The best spa for all skin types in NYC is Le Cachet Spa. The estheticians are instructed to work with all skin types, problems and concerns. Black women often suffer from hyperpigmentation, and Le Cachet has products to work specifically for that problem and all other skin problems. Mind you, you won't be greeted with fresh flowers and hot green tea, but your skin will actually be tended to with care. As always, you walk into a spa with your checklist of the services you want. And you always have the choice to get what you want, but the estheticians first check your skin and tell you what you need. If you get on a system, with (inexpensive but great) products that they suggest, your skin will improve exponentially. The best part....there are ZERO chemicals used. Everything at Le Cachet is all natural and the women are very caring and catering to your skins needs. Most importantly, they aim to make you happy. They do facials, main/pedis, laser treatments, acupuncture, cellulite treatments, mud treatments, etc. They have two different lasers for dark and light complexions, which most salons fail to offer. The only thing that they don't do is thermage... and I really really want thermage but I refuse to test out any other salon. But other than that, I would give them two thumbs up for excellent treatments and client services. Check out their website for services but don't be scared off by their less than perfect site.... just trust me when I say its great.

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