Guide To Thirft Store Shopping

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Vintage Blouse
Vintage Clutch with Tassels
Vintage Chain Necklace
Vintage Studded Boots
Vintage Unique Fish Necklace

How to shop in thrift stores? Its easy to get overwhelmed in thrift shops, or even turn up your nose before realizing you can dive into some AMAZINGLY GREAT finds. For $100 you can really rack up. I've been thrift shopping for a while now and I recently came across a few new stores that I absolutely love in Philadelphia. Lets face it, Philly is the thrift store capital with the best estate shopping and thrift finds hands down. Here is how you shop in a thrift store:
1) Have a list in mind of things you are looking for.
2) Step into the thrift store with those items and mind and never get side tracked or you will get lost in the clutter. Most thrift shops are divided into sections so that you can easily shop.
3) To ease into shopping, start off at the accessories table. You will find some great little pieces and it will actually pump you up to go on the hunt for some more great pieces.
4) Think 'Quality Only'. If it looks really cool but is really cheap, keep moving. You honestly will NEVER wear it once you take it home and blend it with your staple pieces.
Top three items to look for when thrift store shopping:
1) Weird accessories that will grab peoples attention and get a conversation going.
2) Blouses with unique patterns or blended fabrics
3) Great vintage pumps or boots.
If you stay focused and open minded you can really stock up in thrift shops and keep yourself stylish and within budget!

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