Let Your Lips Shine!

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YSL Gold Copper
Chanel Gold Shine
Revlon Cherries In The Glow
Nars Orgasm

So I used to be completely make up CRAZY. I would do creamy foundation, lashes, eye liner, mascara, lip liner and gloss. I never really got into eye shadows or blushes...and probably never will. But my make up craze was not great for my skin. So I slowly started to peel back the layers, starting with the liners, then the lashes, and then the creamy foundation (subbing it with patchy concealer..blah and ugh). I left the gloss and mascara even though I calmed it down... I mean, I couldn't be completely boring. But I definitely felt like I looked like the girl who was oh so proud she didn't need make up... but REALLY looked like she could use it. Ugh... so drab. But now that I've been on my skincare routine (religiously), I swore off foundation and now I'm oh so thirsty for great glosses to accentuate my Maybelline mascara (I'll never switch). Here are a few great ones for the fall that step up your look and keep the attention on your the twinkle in your smile and eyes. Just so you know... Revlon's Cherry In Glow (#80) is by far my favorite... and the most inexpensive.