Aged and Dated is The New

What Do You Think?: 
Antique Lantern
Antique Telephone
Antique Radio
Grandmom's Quilt

The age and dated look is over when it comes to clothes and shoes (hooray!) but it is still in style for your home. Whenever anyone comes over my house they always point out an old telephone that no longer works but is antique and really cute. Even the guys that have come to install cable and deliver my mattress walk over to the phone and pick it up to see if it works. Yes girl, unfortunately they get REAL comfy lol. As much as I love sleek electronics, my main furniture is really solid and looks very aged. My dresser and coffee table came from my late grandmother and an ex-(well something) bought me a cheap silver mirror that changed colors and now looks amazing. I have a lantern from Ikea that looks old but isn't. Antique and aged furniture and accessory pieces around your home create a cozy feeling to your space. It really balances out the super electronic sleekness. Do you have any home decor tips?

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