Furaholics Anonymous

What Do You Think?: 
Louboutin Coyote Fur Boots $2,095
Marc Jacobs Gilda Fur and Sequin Bag $1.995
Burberry Coyote Fur $7970
Sam Edelman Leather and Faux Fur $300
H&M Faux Fur Vest $69

Here are some great fur and faux fur selections this fall/winter. Some of these go straight to the closet and others get checked on your wish list. Either way, these are some great references for you for when you are out shopping. I've been wearing my furs for the past two weeks even though its 58 degrees. Try to purchase faux furs even though real fur just looks better. I actually found GREAT faux furs in Theory of all places. Theory's selection of faux furs are the best I've seen in a while. And if you do choose to go real (which some people still do) pick mean animals like coyotes instead of cuddly chinchillas.... Just rationalize it this way: A mean and nasty coyote ate Jessica Simpson's dog Daisy. lol just kidding ladies. Do you (with consideration).

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  1. Christian Louboutin coyote boots!!!!! oohh lala