2011 MosaMuse Wishlist

What Do You Think?: 


Increased Faith and To Share the Knowledge I Have

Great Health

More Hits From Willow! Get Em Girl!

An Innovative, Talented, Ambitious Team! (Including a Manager, Agent, Publicist)

More Great Shots From Sessilee! Keep em coming Sessilee!

I'm Ready For New Talent To Emerge

Gwen Stefani... I'm Ready for a new hit (and hot video)!

A Photographer With Vision Who Is Capable of Working With Others

More Love and Peace for Me, My Family, MosaMuse readers, and The World

More Strength and Determination for Our President

More Understanding When Watching This Show. I Think Its Great!

Hit It Out The Park Love Magazine! Love it!

Happy You Came Back Out! You're On A Different Level... Some People Still Appreciate it! I Never Dismissed Your Wisdom. Can I Have More?

The Original Kanye. The One Who Had The Original Purpose to Educate. Kanye, Now That You Have Their Attention.... Use It Wisely!

Oh La La! Keep It Fun GaGa! I'm Ready To See Her Evolution.

What Up Bey! Can I Get A New CD?

Other wishes include the execution of my vision, to be grounded in love, to be in love with someone worthy, favor for my family (especially my mom), positive friendships and more like-minded people to come into my life, to be able to teach my readers how to get theres, to let my light shine bright and never ever dim, to positively effect people's lives, and to be your muse. Thank you for reading MosaMuse, I'm building something just for you. Be blessed in 2011 and I hope you get all your hearts' desires.

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