Hair Files- A Natural Stand Out

What Do You Think?: 

TV star Jasika Nicole is known for her role on Fox's Fring TV show, but she is adored for rocking the cutest hairstyle on tv. The short curls have become her trademark style and has given her quite a buzz. Growing up she said she was not always comfortable with her curls, being an African-American female going to school with many white females. And when she was casted as Astrid on Fringe, the casting directors requested her get a wing to look more 'glamorous'. I'm so glad she was able to keep her locks for the show, because her hair is a hit! If she would have kept the tradition look, I'm not sure if she would have such loyal fans. And I'm not sure if Fringe would have been able to capture the attention of the African-American female audience. Thats not to say that she can't ever switch it up or change her looks, I'm just saying that her look made her stand-out and become adored. I'm excited to see her transition to the big screen and watch her style evolve. She says her hair routine is to wash, comb out any frizz, and let air dry for 40 minutes.