Organic Hair Products

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Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil
Aubrey Organic NuStyle Smoothing Serum
MOP Mixed Greens Conditioner
Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo

I've been using all organic products on my skin, and now its time for me to use organic hair products. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Carol's Daughter and I have used Carol's Daughter products for a few years now, but here are some other great options for your hair. Don't expect organic shampoos to bubble up the way your old shampoo did (that's not natural). But do expect an amazing conditioning experience. I LOVE organic conditioners because they smell amazing and your scalp feels completely amazing. Try these products and let me know some other great ones if you know them.


  1. I am going from permed to natural hair and I have been searching for great natural products because I am experiencing breakage. My friend told me Intelligent Nutrients is good but I was hesitant to change my products bcuz I don't want my hair to break off even more.

  2. Organic products are really helpful for our skin.organic hair products are really effective for our hairs without damage to our to hairs because they are chemical free.