At Home Beauty Remedies

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These beauty remedies are already in your cabinet! Witch Hazel, brown sugar, tea bags and ice cubes are all wonderful remedies for common beauty problems.
Witch Hazel- is a great astringent. Use after you wash your face to tighten your pores and pick up any excess oils your cleanser may have missed.
Brown Sugar- is a great at home exfoliate. You can use it for your face or for all full body exfoliate.
Tea Bags- are great for lightening under eye dark circles. Put cool tea bags under your eyes for about 15 minutes. Do these consistently for a couple weeks and you will see an improvement.
Ice Cubes- are great for tightening your pores. They also work well with tightening your under eye bags.

Try these tips out on a daily basis. You save money with at-home remedies and their natural qualities will work well with your skin. Good luck!

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