MosaMuse 2011- My Resolution, My Mission

What Do You Think?: 

My resolution for this year is to be transparent, so you all can understand my mission. I don't post all these products because I want you to be materialistic. I want you to see that there is always better and I hope that you strive for the absolute best in every area of your life. I don't want you to look good and be a horrible person. I want you to strive to be your best in each and every area of your life. Points in your life can be very challenging, but you have to strive for better in order to overcome them. What has helped me is increasing my faith constantly, and stepping out to do whats really in my heart. We all have a dream. Remember the one you let go years ago, but it keeps creeping back into your mind? You think you're too old, you think you're not smart enough, you think you can't do it. But guess what, you can. You can have all the desires of your heart. So strive for the absolute best.
MosaMuse is in a huge stage of development and I'm stepping out on my dream. I thank you all for being a part of my mission and a dream of mine. But lets all come up together. Start writing down the things you want and figure out ways to get them. Be creative when going after your dream. There is NO standard way of doing things. You can get everything you want. My mission is to be your living example. Enjoy 2011!


  1. This was such a inspiring post Syreeta...you are doin such a awesome job with ur blog...keep up the great job!!!! Happy New Yrs!!!!!!!!!