Willow Smith Whips A Bowl Cut

What Do You Think?: 

Little Ms. Willow Smith whips a new bowl cut hairstyle. I actually rocked this hairdo last year and this year I graduated to a bob. The bowl cut looks cute on her and it will give her some time to grow out her sides so she can really switch up her look. As you all know, I'm loving this little girl and I love the potential for her career. (Team Willow!) I'm still waiting for her gig on Nickelodeon just so she can really get a huge tween fanbase to compliment her singing career. So, what do I think her new hairstyle should be?... A throw back Beyonce weave with the sharp bang and long extensions. And from that she should transfer to a fro followed by some zig zag cornrows. Where do you think she should go next?



  2. This look really has to grow on me. I loved the mohawk and thought it was cute and funky. But who knows, she may end up being a trend setter with this one. I love the fro idea. Anything to set her apart from the mundane celebs out there now. I'm Team Willow as well! She makes me wish I were 9 years old again. I totally would have her posters plastered against my wall!