Natalie Portman Covers Vogue!

What Do You Think?: 
Ok, by now you know how much I LOVE the movie Black Swan. I think Natalie Portman should get an Oscar. And, I also can't wait to buy the DVD (which I never ever do). If you haven't seen Black Swan... you have to. The cast was amazing and this was Natalie Portman's signature role. I don't think she could ever top it, although I she will still make amazing movies. Anyway, look at how beautiful this cover is. I know, I know... I'm a Natalie Portman fan out of no where. And a movie lover all of a sudden. I promise I won't talk about her... until Oscar season! But these cover is amazing styled... it hints at ballerina without it being all in your face. But question... why does Vogue make everyone look so old? Anyway... pick up this issue.

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