What Are The Best Drugstore Brands for Your Hair?

What Do You Think?: 
Creme of Nature is a great shampoo that detangles your hair and gives it a fresh scent
Humectress is one of my favorite conditioners. Its not heavy and it really repairs your hair. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and your hair will feel and look transformed.
Using Garnier's blow drying serum protects your hair from the heat of our blow dryer (and your flat iron).
This is best to use for curly hair or hair with a lot of fly aways. Its odd because this conditioner is part of a perm line. (its not a perm) But its great to use when your hair is natural as well. This conditioner is very heavy and should be left on your hair for about 3 minutes. I like it because it locks in the moisture and it coats the follicles. Great for fine hair as well because it adds weight.

Browsing through the aisle of the drugstore can be haunting at times. There are about 50 different brands you can choose from for your hair. These are a few options for you to keep in mind the next time your on the hunt.

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