The Style Icon- Kelis

What Do You Think?: 

My mom was probably Kelis' first fan ever. She liked her the first instant she saw her style. I never had a problem with her look, I thought she was obviously beautiful and seemed funky and fun, but I fell in love with her in her Bossy video. It was styled by Rachel Johnson and she looked so far ahead of her time. It took years for the high waisted pants to catch on and the entire video seemed like it came out of one of my dreams. Kelis' style is now seen on Rihanna, but a duplicate is never as good as the original. As much as people love Rihanna's style, they were confused my Kelis' at the time. Same with Gaga and Grace Jones. But trendsetters often find themselves in a sea of question marks. Anyway, hats off to Kelis always. Shes just that chick.

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