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Rena Levi "The Amazing Scrub"
Rena Levi "The Vanishing Act"

So those who know me know that my skin is dramatically improving. I had such horrible skin because I was using products that were not natural, and I have overly sensitive skin. So whenever I got a pimple... I would get a scar. So then I would cover it with make up, use of the shelf products, and be back in the same whole. That was until I found Rena Levi products. They are amazing. The products are all natural, it helped minimize acne which has helped minimize scars. Whenever I get lazy on my routine it really shows. So if your New Years Resolution is to have clear skin... buy this product. You can order online or you can pop into Le Cachet Day Spa if you are in NYC and purchase the product (and get a 'deep pore facial'). Trust me on this one. I know your frustrations....and I also know a solution. Even if your skin isn't horrible, this will really take you to the next level. Let me know how it goes!


  1. nice, i've been looking for something natural but effective - thanks for posting!

  2. Yes, its amazing. Its natural which is great, but an equally good benefit is that its amazing for hyperpigmentation as well. One bar lasts like 4 months (if used only on your face)!