Vintage Furniture

What Do You Think?: 

One of my favorite things is mixing vintage furniture with new pieces. I'm a big fan of the distressed look, and I think it pairs nicely with something more modern. For example, I have my grandmother's dresser and coffee table, but I don't want my place to look antiquated. So I painted an accent wall apricot, and I pulled the 'old' and 'new' together with patterned fabric. The sleekness of my electronics also keep my place looking 'new', along with a bold cow rug. But without my vintage furniture, my place would lack feeling and history.
Maybe this weekend you can try to thrift for some great furniture. A good start is with lighting. Old people had the best lamps!


  1. old people have the best lamps--haha! the way you described your room with the mix of old and new sounds fantastic. i would love to see pictures. and i really love that wagon/coffee table--so awesome!

  2. I'm definitely for the marriage of old and new. I'd love a vintage-ish chaise lounge!

    Happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. The bedside table in your first photo is just lovely.

  4. where can i find this furniture to purchase