Is Elle Canada Picking A Fight?

What Do You Think?: 

In the latest issue of Elle Canada, the head line reads "Naomi Move Over" in order to highlight Herieth Paul's new rise in the industry. I guess Elle Canada didn't get the memo that Naomi is tired of people using her name, and she has been in the mood of handing out lawsuits. She recently slammed a choclate company for comparing the choclate to her likeness.
I honestly could care less if she is suing people. My issue is, why does every Black model have to be compared to Naomi. Can Herieth be her own person? I don't see anyone comparing Lara Stone to Christy Turlington every five minutes. Please understand, we get that both Herieth and Naomi are black. Its kind of like being in kindergarten and knowing the red ball fits into the red circle.


  1. thanks for the comment :D Great blog and the cover is beautiful. Love the contrast with dress and skin!



  2. Who still compares every new black model to Naomi in 2011? Naomi is a LEGEND, tried and proven. Not some random working model midway through her career. Just because she keeps herself relevant doesn't mean she should be attacked.