Revlon's Odd Couple- Pharrell and Jessica Biel

What Do You Think?: 

Now this just may be the weirdest pairing of two celebrities in a beauty commercial... EVER. I mean, lets start off by asking Revlon.... why Jessica Biel? I never understood her appeal. Her look is absolutely snooze worthy (in terms of a beauty campaign). Then she is paired with Pharrell, really?
This is all wrong.
Pharrell should be in L'Oreal commercial with Gwen Stefani... HELLO! Do you not remember the Vibe Magazine cover with Gwen and Pharrell... flawless. I don't remember anything about Jessica Biel except for 7th Heaven.
FYI... these two don't mix, don't appeal to the same market, and if someone likes one they wouldn't like the other. Who is running things? I know there is a lot of new talent looking for a great gig in this recession.
I'm soon to be running things... I'll fix it you guys, I promise I'll bring this industry back to life.

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  1. I like Pharrell and see Jessica Biel's appeal, but agree Gwen Stefani would have been awesome!

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