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I was watching Jimmy Fallon, and I saw this guy, Big Sean, standing in with the Roots. My first response was 'Oh, no", considering The Roots are one of the reasons why I tune in. But to my surprise, not only did Cameron Diaz do a great appearance but Big Sean was a fine-tuned machine. He had a story, great 'swag', and a good voice. So his publicist did well, because I instantly went to look him up online...surprised that I was actually impressed at his TV skills. (I'm a hard Late Night TV critic, considering I love watching funny interviews and comedy.)
I first found his single with Chris Brown "My Last", and realized I already heard the song. I got a little less impressed considering his actual music didn't make me as excited about him as his style/interview skills did. But I gave it a few more chances, listening to "Too Fake" and "Million Dollars". Although it had the fewest views, "Million Dollars" turned out to be my favorite out the bunch.
Overall, I have to say I wasn't blown away by his lyrics (not saying they are bad at all), but I've heard it all already and the delivery is nothing fantastically new. Honestly, I've turned my ear off from hip-hop for the most part because it got too redundant (that's why it was my first time seeing him on the show). But, I can say that I believe he will be the next face of Hip-Hop. Why? Because of his style, his presence, and his ability to hold my attention on TV. And trust me, I'm a great judge of this.
I could pick a star out of the sky.
Its not always the most talented (unfortunately and sometimes fortunately) who make it, you just have to have the ability to get people to believe.
Big Sean gave me enough to look him up. I'm sure we will see a lot more.
Fashion lovers, who are you all listening to?

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