News: Versace Will Have H&M Line!

What Do You Think?: 

Guess what H&M shoppers? NY Magazine announced Donatella Versace finally gave in and is allowing a line to be created for H&M! I guess she came around and realized that this is a 'must' for branding these days. The designer also signed a deal with Lady Gaga to only wear Versace for the next couple of months. Dontella was previously against a line for H&M because she said that Versace was a luxury brand and she didn't want to confuse the customers. I'm glad she came around to realize that the new trend in fashion is to be less about the labels and more about the style. I'm excited to see what she comes out with next.


  1. Wow!!! Seriously!?? Where was I when the news came out!? Awesome!!!


  2. i'm glad that she finally came around too--can't wait for the Versace for H&M brand in November. i wonder if this means a brand like Chanel would collab with a store like H&M?