Summer Read

What Do You Think?: 

The other day I was wasting time in the bookstore before meeting up with my friend. So I searched the isles for something cute that I could thumb through for 30 mins. I didn't want a magazine, because I needed a break from fashion. I came across Chelsea Handler's book and was not disappointed. I do like Chelsea's show, even though I know a lot of girls don't. So this book was perfect for me. The bookstore was silent and I was CRACKING UP laughing. Everyone was looking at me but I didn't care. The book was hillarious. You have to pick it up. Its perfect to just thumb through when you are traveling . Any other suggestions?


  1. did you buy it? i find her to be funny, but i do think that sometimes she just says stuff on the show to be raunchy instead of funny.

    but the next time i'm in the bookstore i'll thumb through this.

  2. yep, i bought it. and i am going to buy Tina feys soon too. i think its better than watching her on tv. but its still a little raunchy. so just thumb threw it to see if its ur style