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Wow. Absolutely 'WOW'. The best of the season (so far) goes hands down to Marchesa. Absolutely beautiful. Origami seemed to be one of the inspirations for the collection for Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig's latest collection. I can honestly say, I feel this collection was created for every woman's imagination of "The Best Dress". Style.com asked that the design duo hit 'refresh' next season, stating that the designs were 'expected'. But if my little blog can rival Vogue's Style.com and Georgina or Keren happen to read this I would say... 'Please, pretty please, please don't change a thing. It is not broken. It is still evolving. It is 'it' and I love it. It screams elegance and it remains fun and interesting.' And then I would say.. 'p.s. Georgina I love all your party pictures you look amazing.' And then I would end it something like this...

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