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Tracey Reese
Marc Jacobs

A lot of 70's inspired looks are sashaying down the catwalk. Two of my usual suspects, Marc Jacobs and Tracey Reese both really embraced the vibe. I know Miss Sixty finally closed their West Broadway doors, so guys, why did we reopen them? I know, you guys are going to want to shoot me for saying that I was not in love with Marc Jacob's show this season. But you can meet me at Bookmarc and we can discuss it all day, ok? I can say that I did love the colors. Possibly I'm stuck on my favorite collection (possibly ever) which was the Pygmalion one with the cute little hats. Anyway, I was let down. But who should care, hes effin Marc Jacobs and he could sell you ANYTHING at this point. Did you buy the MARC condoms... bet you did. I'm a girl and I have the boxers! So you get it... I love him (but not this time around). And Ms. Tracey will always have my respect. I can say that I loved the glasses. They made me smile. I guess I just wanted something different. Ugh... my favs are striking out. Is it just me??

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