Flashback Iconic- Suede Magazine

What Do You Think?: 
Oh How I Miss Thee. Ok, well its been gone for for a while now, but Suede Magazine was hands down the BEST fashion magazine targeted to girls of color EVER. With only four issues before it ran out of cash (due to the lack of recognition of this target market's buying power), Suede still has my heart. The styling, layout, content and concept were all... perfect. The best part of Suede was the creative led by Creative Director Richard Christiansen. Richard Christiansen has been the creative director of Milk Magazine, Suede, and Radar. He is currently the Founder and Creative Director of Chandelier Creative. And check this out...pix of his offices. Yes, you better click that link! Did you see how he designed the offices?!? And NY Mag also wrote an article about his Bowery Hotel Apartment which is just as nicely designed. I have to say, hats off to this guy. I think his creativity is spot-on. Its fun, accessible, with tasteful touches of 'over the top' that just make you smile. He has great vision that needs to be noted.

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