Jones Magazine Is Taking It's Swing

What Do You Think?: 
Ebony, Essence, Suede (my person fav), Honey and now... Jones! There is an obvious need for the black girl to have a magazine all her own. I have been hearing a lot about Jones mag and I always like to support magazine for women of color. So yes, I picked it up. And no, I can't say I was disappointed at all. Jones takes the standard fashion/beauty magazine for 'all girls' and narrows the focus for black women. It has a more sophisticate approach to the publication. And I applaud their effort in keeping it sophisticate and clean. I love that they reference LaQuan Smith (all the time) which is my personal highlight (as one of his biggest cheerleaders). But I notice that there is always a conflict to keep something sophisticated and allow it to be fun and flirty at the same time. What Joe Zee did to revamp Elle as 'sophistifunk' should be a reference for Jones Magazine. I would definitely recommend you guys to go get Jones and take a peak for yourselves... I'm sure you already have. And keep the support of this publication going so that it can steadily evolve. This month's issue has covergirl (another top fav of mine) Sessilee Lopez.

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