Giorgio Armani's Scent

What Do You Think?: 
Girogio Armani's new fragrance Acqua di Gioia has been getting rave reviews. I personally love it for the ad. What's up with all these evil/beautiful advertisements for perfumes? Anyways, this new perfume has been on the market for a few months and has been flying off the shelves. It is inspired by the seas of Antigua. And yea, it smells like the sea. With notes of mint, aquatic jasmine, pink pepper and cedar this perfume captures Antigua in a bottle. You can turn the pages of the latest Vogue for a sniff or check out your local Sephora. Ladies... its coming up on Fall and it is a must to switch your perfumes with the seasons. The scents will change based on your body temperature. Try light scents with cedar base notes this season.

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