Rising- Little Miss Willow

What Do You Think?: 
I don't care what you guys think about this post. This is just one of those posts I'm going to pull out in a few years and say, 'Told ya so." As you guys all know by now, I can spot talent from a mile away, and I know when someone is going to be a huge star. And yea, it might be easy because of her parents, but WHO CARES? This little girl is going to be huge. Willow Smith was just signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation at the age of 9 years old. All the ingredients are clear- Its obvious that she has been a huge fan of Rihanna, and her parents recently worked directly with Jay-Z on the production of Fela. So this fit w/ Roc Nation just seems very natural for the young up and comer. Hova recently leaked her new single "Whip My Hair" on YouTube, and it is perfect for tweens (who have tremendous buying power). She's extremely marketable. A lot of my 'adult' friends have been unconvinced on Miss Willow, but I bet they had no problem seeing past Miley Cyrus' parents. Anyway, that aside, she makes age appropriate music, shes comfortable rocking any style, and she has such a cute look (with the Jada attitude). So what should be next for Willow? Sign her as the face of tween fashion brand, get her onto Nickelodean (doesn't have to be her own show but a recurring role), and release a full CD to the uberloyal tweens. But its important that she is marketed properly to not fall into the hole like a Tierra Marie or JoJo, who both just came across as little girls w/ too much attitude and too adult. Keep it tween-friendly w/ a slight edge, and she should be a huge star with a tremendously lucrative brand. Yes, I said it.

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