Nicki Minaj Covers V Magazine

What Do You Think?: 
Her publicist is off the hook. This girl is everywhere. I'm happy she shed (for the most part) her barbie image and the over the top bi sexual fake nonsense. Now that we are past all the stunts... I'm actually ready to see what she can do. I wasn't at all a fan in the beginning... I was absolutely disgusted by her. I thought she was way too old to target little girls (yes, if you're over 16 and in love with her... you're late at maturing) and have her music be so highly sexual and her body so overly fake. (I'm just being honest) BUT (see, there is a 'but') I'm glad that there is a female hip hop star who understands that celebrity is fun and over the top. And she is really over the top. But now that she is really finding a groove that is moving beyond all the attention getting stunts, I think she will be exciting. She had a small feature in Elle and now the cover of V magazine. Shes not fashionably exciting to me, but a good addition to the music industry.


  1. She does not represent fashion!

  2. Well written Mosa! Like you said, her publicist is definitely OFF THE HOOK!...

  3. Thanks Mr. TRIUMPH! and HAPPY NEW YR to you. I hope this yr treats u well!