Target's New Collaboration- Calypso!

What Do You Think?: 

Target's new design collaboration is... (drum roll please)... CALYPSO! I used to work at Calypso on Madison Ave and I saw it at its prime with TONS and TONS of traffic to like one person a day after the Lehman Brothers incident. The store on Madison subsequently closed and Calypso kind of fell off the market. But Target is really helping it come back... in a big way. I think Target moms will buy the brand and some suburban kids... but will it really do as well as major labels? Don't think so. I don't think the hype will be there, even though I'm sure the clothes will be nice and plain and flowy. But we will see. Target should have joined with Calypso on a home line only. Either, good luck to the collaboration. And yes, I would personally shop the looks.

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