What Do You Think?: 

Hi Ladies,
I just wanted to take time to make you think. I'm always throwing up products and beauty advice because I really think taking a pride in your appearance helps your self-esteem and is the catalyst for taking pride in other areas of your life. And fashion is GREAT! Its glittery, its fun, its fantasy, and its (sometimes) FAKE. And what I mean by fake is that its superficial. So as much as I want you to love fashion, beauty and luxury, I want you to LIVE that luxurious life that you dress for. The best way to get there is to outline WHAT YOU WANT and think about HOW TO GET THERE. The dreaming phase must end at a point, and it becomes a time of DOING. You can start working towards your dreams at ANY AGE and at any financial point in your life. What determines your success is your DETERMINATION. So lets begin our preparation so you can get yours.
1- Make a list of things you want out of your life.
2- Realize, and truly believe that you can ACTUALLY get them.
3- Prioritize your list and consider the reasons behind the things that you want. WHY do you want marriage? WHY do you want move to London? Determine the reasons behind your desires and determine if those reasons are sincere.
4- After looking at your at your motivations and prioritizing your goals you get to the step that is most important. DETERMINE HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. Most people dream and dream and dream and dream but fail to THINK of how you can put one foot in front of the other. Pick up a trade magazine in the area you want to pursue, search for guidance in that area you are interested in pursuing, begin to sit down and make of a plan of action, and surround yourself with like-minded people.
5- STICK TO YOUR PLAN. Often, people abandon ship right before they get to their reward. Or, they abandon it 3 days later. You can't achieve your goal without working towards it daily.

Begin to create an image of who you see yourself as. What you see yourself doing. What you see yourself having. But think about it HONESTLY. Don't tell me you want to go to college, get a great corporate job, marry and have children. Because that's not YOUR DREAM that's a dream that was TOLD TO YOU. Live YOUR LIFE. And you live your life by DOING. Get to work, you're one month into YOUR YEAR.


  1. lovely inspiration for my morning! xo

  2. Thank You for this post!

  3. Thanks ladies! I hope you had good days! I will be sure to put a few more up like these.