Beauty Tip- Stop Waxing Start Threading

What Do You Think?: 
I just left the threading salon with my girlfriend and wanted to tell you all to stop waxing your brows/lips/chin and start threading. We've been threading for some time now so its nothing new for us, but I know a lot of girl are still getting their eyebrows waxed. Threading is an ancient hair removal method that began in Persia and was adopted by Indians. Ok, doesn't that say enough? Persians and Indians have the best brows. But I will continue... practitioners use thin pieces of cotton (thread) to pluck the hair follicle. It last way longer than waxing and you never have to worry about double dipping like you do when you get waxed. I've had waxing horror stories. I had the wax too hot that it removed skin. I've broken out from the wax. I've had to much of my brow removed. The benefit of threading is that its really precise, hygienic and long lasting. I love it. If you're in NYC, go to "City Brow" which is hands down the best place. Happy threading...


  1. yea, you will absolutely love. you will look amazing