Restaurant of 2011- Red Rooster Harlem

What Do You Think?: 

Image Courtesy of NYmag

My pick for best new restaurant is Red Rooster Harlem owned by chef Marcus Samuelson. Red Rooster was my first meal of 2011 and it was amazing. I had the Red Grits w/ Shrimp as my entree and and Dirty Rice with Shrimp as my appetizer. I had a taste of the Fried Yard Bird (fried chicken, as you probably guessed) and I finished it off with a pear dessert. Five Stars. The place has a really cool vibe and Marcus even comes out to greet you while your eating (probably only for the next couple of weeks). Red Rooster serves brunch and dinner, and I would warn you to call in ahead of time. Schedule it in for this weekend and let me know what you think!

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  1. I hope I can dine at his establishment next time I'm in New York City.