The Black Swan- Mila Kunis

What Do You Think?: 

Ok, so you all get it by now that I absolutely love Black Swan! I've been raving over Natalie Portman because I know she will win an Oscar for her role. But I don't think people have been giving Mila Kunis enough buzz (other than the male pervs interested in her sex scene). Mila did a wonderful job and was an amazing supporting actress. Mila is an actress that every guy loves. But I think now that she is developing as an actress, she is going to have more appeal to women. And when you get older (which everyone does) appealing to women is more important that appealing to men. The guys will find the newest thing to perv over. She needs to start getting into fashion magazines, doing more interviews, and really get into the female market. No, I'm not saying to walk around with a tiny dog and sell a perfume line, I'm just saying doing more girl-loving roles! Anyway, Mila did an AMAZING job in the film and I'm ready for more.


  1. mila Kunis is so gorgeous in that short skirt

  2. Mila Kunis is so hot
    Shes got a hot body