Unconventional- Wunderkind

What Do You Think?: 

Wundkind's F/W '09 was inspired by 20th century Russian abstract artist Kazimir Malevich (below, artwork from Malevich). Most critics found designs distracting and distasteful, but MosaMuse appreciates a designer's attempt to think outside the box. Although the designs may need to be edited to fit the taste of modern consumers, the mix of patterns, textures and colors in a single design is innovative and artistic. Fashion has needed more people to go against in grain in order for the artform to progress. We've marked Betsy Johnson and Vivienne Westwood's originality as the end of the innovative spectrum, but isn't fashion limitless? The idea of fashion is formed from extremities, so why have we become so confined? If a big fashion house sent this look down a Paris runway paired with Louboutins it would have been hailed as wonderful and the seasons new trend shown beautifully by Joe Zee in the pages of Elle. But because its orginal, ahead of its time, and previously unhailed, its here.

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