Pixels- Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs

What Do You Think?: 

If you're like me, then your completely into the Marc Jacobs (and YSL) ads. Posh's run as the face of Jacobs' campaign was its sour note, but ever other shot has been completely out of the ordinary. Who is behind the lense? German-born photographer Juergen Teller. (above with son, courtesy of Lehmam Maupin of Lehmann Maupin Gallery, NY)
 And while creating one of the most visually interesting fashion spreads, Teller is not particularly into them. He told New York Magazine, "I'm for the individual human being, not some plastic figure some gay guy thought out... its not my cup of tea". Well, whether or not Marc thought of the ads, they're definately my cup of tea.

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