Pink- Unleashed

What Do You Think?: 

If you do it right, you wont look like a hooker. :) So many girls are afraid of animal print because it can walk a very fine line. But the print has been big for a few seasons now. You can ease into the trend by starting with a nice bright cardigan with the prints as an accessory (i.e. a chunky bangle). Another option is to mix and match your prints in your outfit by using staple pieces and having you trend as your pop. An even more fun option is to go all out, mixing prints with patterns (if your bold enough) with bright, chunky bangles. The key is to see the print as a mix and not as the staple. I wouldn't suggest the look with red stilettos, smudged red lipstick and a leopard print dress....unless you're going for that type of 'interview'. But try the look out and tell me how it went.

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