Contrast- Matthew Williamson for H&M

What Do You Think?: 
This is a great for Matthew Williamson's attempt at becoming a household name. But I feel this will be an H&M sour note. Big time. Not to say that Matthew isnt talented, or great, or everything else good, but come on! I'm so not excited for my cheap thrill this season. Cavalli was great, Lagerfeld was legendary, Commes des Garcons as well, but this has me completely underwhelmed. And to think, TopShop is opening soon right? In a sense, I'm more excited to see what Kate Moss has to offer. And I'm not saying any of this to diss Williamson, hes a good designer who recently had an amazing store opening (and obviously a great PR team), its just more a question mark for H&M. I mean....??? 

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