Circus- Conde Goes Pop

What Do You Think?: 
Conde Nast launched its new magazine Love, in the UK. I have to say I was very skeptical, but to my surprise it matches its hype. Love, a fashion and fame magazine, has a more edgy vibe than anything Conde Nast has previously offered. The cover shows a naked Beth Ditto...a huge (but needed) leap for Conde. Katie Grand, from Pop magazine, is crowned as its editor-in-chief. This magazine is biannual and has already sold out in many places, but I'm sure it will at least run quarterly post recession. My one criticism is that Love is kind of all over the place. You get a complete 6 months of fashion in a single issue...but that might not be all that bad?? And like any over seas mag, know u will have to pay a bill, but it does get MosaMuse's stamp of approval. Check it out.

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