Hidden- Director Anky Cyriaque

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puts the lense on short film director Anky Cyriaque. At the age of 12, Anky used television and movies to learn English when his family moved to the U.S from Haiti. Having worked on 30 second spots for Jive Records and broadcasts for the TRACE TV network and trace.tv, Anky seeks to establish himself as a heavy hitter in the film industry. His short film A Cat in Heat has already gained a lot of media attention and is due for release in May. He is working directly with MosaMuse to use modern fashions and trends for his more traditional characters. Want in on the fun? Casting for the short film A Cat in Heat is on March 26th and 27th at the NY Casting (243 west 30th st). Be sure to look for Anky on the cover of Heavy Metal Magazine in May. We know he's definately one to follow.

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