Polaroids- Terri Richardson Casting

What Do You Think?: 
This nation has been on a Terri Richardson craze for the past few years. His raw images offers a unique sense of authenticity that keeps him afloat in the (over crowded) sea of photographers. Therefore, hes become one of my favorite Googles. As I stalked his homepage I stumbled across a casting call for female models (check) over the age of 18 (check) who are willing to pose nude (....) . Why do this to me? Being photographed by Richardson is like almost everything and is definitely a launch for almost any body but you see how he does the girls in American Apparel ads...and they have clothes on! Just image the angles he'll get you at!.. or don't. As tempting as it is to submit my pix to the casting I have to take a second an think of the bigger picture and not just this one, huge step. Whats your take? Let me know...

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