My Muses- The 90s (Part 2)

What Do You Think?: 
Michael Jackson in Remeber The Time. You all love Thriller... But this was my FAVORITE!
Aaliyah (I remember seeing this dress sitting in front of the TV. I couldnt breathe!)
Who didn't watch it. My bff at the time was OBSESSED with it. I love Carson Daily's new show... but no one else is watching it. Wait, is it still on?
N'Sync (and BSB is fine too) But nothing/noone beat the Bye Bye Bye video with the puppets... not even Kevin!
Mya... My absolute favorite growing up. I made up dances to ALL her songs. Amazing.
Image Icon! I'm not kidding. Her videos....NO ONE could top. NO ONE. So entertaining. So great. Supa Dupa Fly!
Gwen Stefani. This is a shot from her video "Cool" which wasn't shot in the 90s but was so visually amazing and tastefully done. I love Gwen. Style Icon.

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