Red Riding Hood The Movie

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Oh Amanda, what big eyes you have! Amanda Seyfried stars in 'Red Riding Hood' directed by Catherine Hardwicke. I do multiple posts on Amanda Seyfried because I think she is an absolute star. Why is she not on more red carpets? She would be a designer's muse. I'm not asking for her personal life to be lived out in the pages of People Magazine, I just want to see more of her outside of movies.
In the movie, Amanda plays a Valerie, a girl who is torn between two men. Her sister was killed by a werewolf, Valerie finds herself with a special connection to the big bad wolf, and there is probably tons of suspense. I mean, you all know the story and by the trailer you can figure out the type of movie this is going to be. I think it would be good, but I've probably seen it before.
Besides that, you know what I would like for Amanda's career? I want Amanda to pair with M. Night Shyamalan and then Quintin Torrentino. Then I want her to completely stop doing horror and suspense and appeal to women (not in a romantic comedy) but in something like 'Girl, Interrupted'. I want her to have a developed character that women love. After that, take me out to a specific era with a time period film. Oh, I should be an agent, right? Or maybe just a master marketer, because I know that they have been targeting her to men and mens films because shes beautiful. But if they target her to women, she will become a star. Men have the cash behind the scenes in Hollywood, but its women fans who pick the stars.

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