CK One- Lara Stone and Steven Meisel Hit It Out The Park

What Do You Think?: 

My Calvin Klein ads are back! I love CK One ads... they are the reason I fell in love with fashion. Do you remember the ads in the 90s. I was like 5 years old and those ads are forever engraved in my memory bank. Anyway, I think Steven Meisel and Lara Stone captured the essence of the moment and created an amazing ad. Great advertisements seamlessly combine the brand with the current culture. Right now, everything is internet based, digital, technological. And this ad is fabulous. I mean, I know I get super excited about advertising (just me) but certain things are just stand out to me, and this is one of those things. A webcammed Lara Stone seems so simple, but so did grunge back in the 90s. Its just the way its executed that I love. I'm happy not to see a half naked girl, 'effortlessly' laid out somewhere, with every hair follicle in perfect position.... too typical. I want FASHION back! And to me (and probably most of you), fashion speaks to the culture and propels culture. Its not LATE.

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