Bored? Get. A. Hobby.

What Do You Think?: 
Go Restaurant Hopping
Start A Photo Collection
Start Gardening
Try Ceramics
Its so IMPORTANT to find something you like and do it all the time. Because of the economy, many people don't have the luxury of doing whats been in their heart (and what they went to school for). So, its important to stay active on your days off. Partying and hanging out is always great, but whats even better is living with purpose. Find something (anything) you like and stick with it. The better you get at it, the better position you put yourself in actually making some extra cash on the side and getting closer to your dream. Prime example: I love blogging, but I really want to build the site of my dreams and reach a gazillion more people. But I started here, I love it and I built a huge base, and eventually it will be easier (and less expensive) so me to do whats been in my heart. So do you and get yours. Staying active fights doubts, depression, and keeps you around like-minded individuals.

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