Yummy YSL- For The Guys

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So I was flipping through Esquire magazine, which I NEVER do because.. well its garbage. I mean, from its stereotyping of black politicians when talking about Rangel to the fact that Minka Kelly (who?) being slated as the 'Sexiest Woman Alive', the entire magazine is crap. So when I picked up the magazine all I could think is... what is that smell?? The majority of ads for men in the mag are cologne so I did my sniff test and OMG I found the BEST cologne for men. Ladies, you will love this. It's YSL's La Nuit De L'Homme... its the best. The scent alone takes you to another level. Its a clean, leveled scent with a touch of sweetness. One sniff of the scent allows you to just imagine this guy: dark, tall and muscular in a clean and crisp white cotton t-shirt that cascades perfectly over his abs. Dark blue denim jeans, clean kicks, nice bold watch, and an extremely delicate chain linked loosely around his right wrist. Nice cut and cute smile. Yes, seriously, its that good. Breeze by a Sephora or wherever you go for perfume for a quick sniff. Yummy.

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