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Hey Ladies,
I just wanted to take time out and THANK YOU for reading MosaMuse. I'm currently developing a new, huge and improved site just for you guys... and I'm very sure you will love it. Right now I have over 2,000 loyal readers and my goal is to get over 2 million once the site launches and I make it superpublic. I'm going to incorporate original materials, which I'm sure you will love. You guys love filling my inbox with comments on my posts and I love receiving emails from you all, but you can now use my email as a 'suggestion box'. Just put 'suggestion' as the subject of the email and let me know what you would like to see from the site. You guys are my core 2,000 and I want to build the site off of you! I want to be just as loyal to you as you have been to the site! Send emails to syreeta.lockett@mosamuse.com. I'm working hard on this... and I wanna know what you want.
Thank yas,

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