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Hey Ladies! Can I tell you that I stumbled into a candy store full of rings, pendants, cuffs, bracelets and more! By now you know I don't wear much jewelry (althought I love funky rings). Getting me into a pair of earrings is a big deal, and a necklace.... um I may buy them but they rarely hang from my neck. Anyway, yesterday I walked Soho and Nolita for the first time in the longest! Yes, I know you guys know I usually live in the East Village, Soho and all the shops in between. I was with my bff who is a jewelry designer and we were looking for a pair of earrings to compliment my new cut. Yes, I got a cut similar to the September issue of Vogue (circa 2010) with a splash of like.. well... Japanimation or something. Haha. To get to the point, I found THE BEST jewelry store. Seriously, I walked into candyland. Its called La Petite Princesse and I think I'm planning on getting a new piece every other week. Everything in the store is handmade and super special and delicious. Above is a ring called "apple pie"...cute, right? Most of the designs are inspired by paintings... they are all so cool. So if your browsing this weekend for something cute, fun and beautiful, stroll down to 232 Elizabeth St. in NYC. I will give you more about this store very soon, maybe even tell you more about the designer!

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